The name noisivelvet started in the late 1990’s as an art-making mononym by founder, Joseph Baldwin. In 2002, the web site noisivelvet.com was launched as a virtual exhibit space.

In the winter of 2009/2010, the organization was officially made into a 501c3. The mission statement is a reflection of the work and projects done under the name noisivelvet.

Advocating for the arts, and artists making public work.

Creating the mission statement was a simple connecting the dots. The name noisivelvet had been used for collaborations with projects and groups such as Graffiti Zone, Project Focus, MSM, Chicago 48FP, and the Blue Ribbon Glee Club. The organization also enjoyed setting up the noisivelvet public art award for students competing in their community college art shows, the Learning Moving Image Film Festival, and participating in foundation and development activities such as resume fairs

One of the first large scle installations that noisivelvet put together was Art through Gardening. With a “simple” block party permit noisivelvet took over a city block in Logan Square and paved the street with grass sod along side exhibits of natural materials for art making. With that success the Art on Track festival invited noisivelvet to participate in the 2011 festival. That launched an interior version of the Mobile Garden project. Then another garden installation at Alterpolitan, and an event featuring Direction of Travel with Adham Fisher & guest Miss Earth Illinois Nikki Huber. In 2012 noisivelvet would return to Art on Track, this time showcasing The Cinema Culture documentation of the Waltzing Mechanics performing their work EL Stories: Art on Track on loop to an audience of 2000 riders. In 2015, noisivelvet released the film by the same name. Featuring EL TRAIN SONG by Psalm One, and the work of more artists collaborating, discussions, and learning, as part of the Chicago Artists Month programming by the Chicago Artists Coalition at Chicago Filmmakers.